Top Retail

Introducing the Top card

What is a Top card? 
A Top card is preloaded with a specific value that can be redeemed for fuel (or any purchase) at any participating Top retail locations. 

How do I redeem a Top card for fuel purchases? 
Visit any Top retail location that accepts Top cards and use it as payment against your purchase.   
For a list of participating sites, click here

How do I check how much is on the Top card? 
The instructions to check the balance on a Top card can be found on the reverse of the card. You can call the balance enquiry number, check online at or scan the QR code to check the balance.  

What if there is not enough money on the Top card for the transaction? 
If there are insufficient funds on the Top card in relation to the value being charged, the card will decline. 

If the available balance on the Top card is less than the value of the purchase, you can split the payment and use another method of payment for the remainder of the purchase value.  

What do I do if my Top card has been declined? 
If the card has declined, please contact the Merchant Support Line on +353 (01) 51 33 656