Top Oil Halloween Safety Message: Be A Safe Body, Not Spirit!

27th October 2015

Top Oil Halloween

Halloween has become one of the most anticipated events of the year, when children and adults alike enjoy a ‘Trick-Or-Treat’, however with uncontrolled bonfires and illegal fireworks amongst the trickery, Halloween night has unfortunately become the busiest night of the year for emergency services, with Fire Services responding to hundreds of call-outs nationwide last Halloween night.

“Top Oil recognises that Halloween is a fun time for everyone and that it should be celebrated wholeheartedly, however we can’t over emphasise how important it is to be extremely careful around fuel products, especially motor fuel, which must be only used for its intended purpose.” commented Ruth Donohoe, Top Oil Health & Safety Manager.

“Top Oil supply numerous fuel products including Petrol, Diesel and Home Heating Oil and all our Top Oil staff are trained on a continuous basis regarding their personal responsibilities around these flammable products. In the run up to Halloween when there are tendencies for mischief, Top Oil is making a strong appeal to the general public to be extremely responsible, cautious and safe.”

“Top Oil is also recommending to all our Top Oil Service Stations to be particularly vigilant and to ensure that all their staff are aware that individuals purchasing motor fuel are over 16 years of age and are using a correct fuel container. If anyone has any concerns regarding the misuse of motor fuels they need to contact their local Gardaí, immediately.” added Donohoe.

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