Our Culture

Encouraging excellance

Our culture

We have a collaborative approach to doing business which ensures that positive solutions are applied when needed. We encourage our staff to engage in the various staff and business initiatives to support their development and to get involved in volunteering and fun days.

Our values

Your experience with us will consistently link to our company values—which we keep firmly in sight. These values will continue to define our approach to business and our relationship with you and our customers, now and in the future. They are a vital part of who we are. They are what unite us as a business.

  • We keep things simple and straight forward; we don’t complicate matters.
  • We are proud of our history, our people, and our position in the oil industry and the communities we serve.
  • We are honest and up front. We meet challenges with the utmost integrity.
  • We are empathetic – we always listen and aim to understand.
  • We are personal in our approach with our people and responsive to their needs.

Modern Slavery Transparency Statement

Our commitment to the customers we serve

We are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience, and endeavour to exceed customer expectations every time. We achieve this through proactive communication and the personal relationships we continue to develop with our customers. Our Top Oil team is dedicated and confident in our ability to keep our promise to our Customer.

Employee recognition

Peer to peer recognition is a key tenet of our collaborative approach. Allow us an opportunity to recognise you for the work that you do – that goes beyond normal responsibilities whether it’s for acts of service above and beyond the call of duty or for your winning attitude we’re delighted to celebrate your success with you.

Employee communications

We place a great importance on open, honest, two way communication. It allows us to keep employees up to date on developments in the company and facilitates employee feedback. Engaging staff in the creation of new ideas through our ‘Top Thinking’ initiative, commitment to our in-house staff magazine supporting camaraderie within our business and holding our annual business update forums to openly discuss the roadmap for the business.