Heating Oil Saving Tips

How to heat your home for less – Top Tips

Energy saving tips

Energy savings allow us to not only save money, but also to use our energy in a reasonable manner for a sustainable future. The Top Oil team gives you some simple actions.

Have your boiler serviced at least once a year

Boilers are not 100% efficient – around 20% of the heat generated is lost through the chimney. Heat loss can increase to 30% or more if the boiler is poorly maintained.

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Regularly check your heating system for leaks

Water or oil leaks prevent your system from working efficiently. Check for signs of leakage from your tank, pipe work, valves, flanges and boiler.

Avoid ordering small quantities of home heating oil

You will get better value for money on larger deliveries. Always order the optimum quantity for the capacity of your tank to get the best deal.

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Try to ensure you never to run out of home heating oil

Apart from the discomfort and inconvenience, some oil will be wasted if your system needs to be bled in order to restart it. It will also cost more to heat your home to the required temperature again.

Turn down your heating thermostat

Reducing the heating temperature in your home even by only 1 degree could save you 10% on your heating bill! The recommended temperature for an average family home is 20 degrees.

Use a timer or programmable thermostat

Program or time your heating to only come on when you need it most and vary the temperature throughout the day.

Do not heat rooms you don’t use

Turn off radiators or close vents in unused rooms and keep doors closed.

Seal and weather strip your doors and windows

This will keep heat loss through windows and doors to a minimum.

Keep radiators free from obstructions

Placing furniture and other objects in front of radiators will reduce their output and lead to poor performance.

Insulate your attic and hot water tank

This will keep your water warmer for longer and help reduce heat loss through your attic.

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