Managing our company's impact on the environment

Top Oil recognises that whilst the products and services we provide are essential to the economy and the communities we service, we have an impact on the environment. This impact occurs through our own activities as well as our customers’ use of our products. We are therefore committed to reducing these impacts to create an improved and more sustainable environment through the following…

Operating responsibly

We are proud of our approach to Health and Safety.  We invest significant time and resources in operating our business at all times in a safe responsible manner ensuring our product is delivered from Port to Pump every time with this key objective at the forefront of our minds.

Reducing our impact

We focus initially on quantifying our impact and targeting ways to reduce this through fuel efficiency management systems in our fleet and at our depots, a focused approach to our energy consumption and a sustainable waste management approach.

Educating our customers

We educate our customers on the efficient use of our products so that their impact on the environment is reduced. This will happen through a variety of communication channels and will focus on the conservation of energy in the home and efficient driving techniques.

More environmentally friendly fuel

We are working closely with the Government and the industry to bring more environmentally friendly fuels such as biofuels to homes and businesses around the country.

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