Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Cards

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is used as a payment card for diesel, petrol, AdBlue and other fuel related costs. It works in a similar manner to a credit card but does not carry any interest charges.

What is Top Oil Smart Fill?

Smart Fill is our Top Oil Fuel Card brand name. Put simply, Smart Fill offers you Fleet Fuel Efficiency for your business. Whether you have 1 vehicle or 100, Top Oil Smart Fill gives you everything you need in a fuel card provider.

Why should I use a Top Oil Smart Fill fuel card instead of cash/credit card?

The benefits of the Top Oil Smart Fill fuel card apply to businesses of all sizes with any type of fleet. You reduce your administration and the time you spend processing payments, and your drivers have a convenient way to pay for fuel. Fuel cards are highly secure, easy to use and give your business powerful information about fuel consumption.


Top Oil Smart Fill offers different pricing options. You can pay competitive pump prices or benefit from weekly fixed prices depending on your fleet. We can text or email your prices to you so that you know exactly what you are paying every time. Best of all, we do not charge you any interest – you simply pay for the fuel you pump.



Top Oil Smart Fill offers better security and prevention of fraud by use of an individual PIN per card.



Take the hassle out of keeping control of your fuel costs. Just make one payment by direct debit and receive a convenient and simple electronic bill. You will be able to view all your transactions and will receive a VAT invoice – no need to keep receipts.

What are the requirements to apply for a Top Oil Smart Fill fuel card?

If you are a registered business with a valid VAT number, can provide two trade references and have at least one vehicle you can apply for a fuel card account with us.

How do I apply for a Top Oil Smart Fill fuel card account?

Contact us today at 01 8198099 to chat to our team about how the Top Oil Smart Fill fuel card can benefit your business. Alternatively you can download a PDF copy of the form here, which can then be completed and sent back to us at no cost to Top Oil Fuel Cards.

Is there a contract or are there minimum usage requirements?

We strongly encourage you to use your cards at Top Oil locations, however we don’t ask you to sign up to any contract with us, nor do we enforce any minimum usage of fuel.

What are the costs?

The only cost you incur with our cards is the cost of the fuel itself. You won’t be surprised with any hidden costs such as annual or administration fees. There are no interest charges on your fuel purchases – you simply pay for what you pump!

What is Adblue?

AdBlue is a chemical that helps to reduce the harmful emissions produced by diesel engines, and is one of the main methods car manufacturers are using to achieve ever more stringent emissions targets. AdBlue is a colourless liquid which is stored in a separate tank to the diesel fuel tank, and is sprayed into the exhaust gases.

How do I order another card/s?

Contact us by email at [email protected] specifying the number of additional cards you would like, the names to be printed on the cards and the products you would like activated on the cardså


What do I do if my card or PIN is lost or stolen?

It is important to contact us as soon as you think that your card has been lost or compromised. Call us at 01 8198099 or email [email protected] as soon as possible and we will stop your original card/s and PIN and reissue new ones to you. Please note that you will remain liable for any transactions on lost or stolen cards for a period expiring at the end of the second working day on which notification of the loss is received.

Where do you sell AdBlue?

We sell AdBlue at the pump at the following locations:å


Latitude Longitude Top Oil Site Name
53.41333 -6.23750 COLLINSTOWN
51.87517 -8.46889 CORK
53.79750 -7.03167 VIRGINIA
54.10170 -7.46512 BELTURBET
53.53278 -6.20750 LUSK EAST
53.53611 -6.21056 LUSK WEST
53.93056 -6.41361 DUNDALK WEST
53.92306 -6.41389 DUNDALK EAST
53.41250 -6.87833 ENFIELD NORTH
53.41250 -6.87611 ENFIELD SOUTH
53.31636 -6.35828 BALLYMOUNT
52.38530 -8.97290 DROMCOLLOGHER
53.63461 -8.17975 TOP OIL – ROSCOMMON
53.37422 -6.29017 TOP OIL – GLASNEVIN
52.62676 -8.66451 TOP – RAHEEN INDOOR
52.26087 -8.27367 MITCHELSTOWN – TOP
53.45011 -9.09188 PKD RETAIL HEADFORD LTD
53.32607 -6.35189 TOP OIL JFK
53.20900 -6.70760 NAAS – NEWHALL
51.91455 -8.44835 SIRIO – BALLYVOLANE
56.60338 -6.69488 BECTIVE



To get an overview of these locations and also stations where AdBlue is sold in containers on the forecourt visit our map and filter to find stations where AdBlue is supplied.

Is Top Oil an approved supplier for the Diesel Rebate Scheme?

Yes, licensed road haulage and bus operators may claim up to 7.5c per litre rebate from Revenue for road diesel purchased on the Top Oil fuel card under the new Diesel Rebate Scheme from 1st July 2013. You will find terms and conditions on the Revenue website.

What are the security recommendations for Fuel Cards?

Ensure that you and your drivers take the time to read and practice the following Fuel Card Security steps:

  • Treat each card & PIN number the same as a credit card.
  • Never leave your fuel card(s) or PIN number(s) unattended particularly in a vehicle or premises where they may offer an open invitation to a potential thief.
  • Never write the pin number on the back of your fuel card and always keep the PIN number and fuel card separate.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone.
  • Shred any correspondence in relation to your PIN number(s).
  • Take the fuel card back when employee leaves.
  • When you receive a new fuel card(s), sign it straight away.