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Fuel Cards

What is Adblue?

Adblue is a colourless liquid designed to reduce emissions from vehicle exhausts. AdBlue is stored in a separate tank to the fuel and is sprayed into the exhaust gases.

Is Adblue available at Top Oil Fuel Card locations?

Yes, you can find your local Fuel Card location on our map – you can filter to find stations that supply Adblue.

Is Top Oil an approved supplier for the Diesel Rebate Scheme?

Yes, licensed road haulage and bus operators may claim up to 7.5c per litre rebate from Revenue  for road diesel purchased on the Top Oil fuel card under the new Diesel Rebate Scheme from 1st July 2013. You will find terms and conditions on the Revenue website.

What are the security recommendations for Fuel Cards?

Ensure that you and your drivers take the time to read and practice the following Fuel Card Security steps:

  • Treat each card & PIN number the same as a credit card.
  • Never leave your fuel card(s) or PIN number(s) unattended particularly in a vehicle or premises where they may offer an open invitation to a potential thief.
  • Never write the pin number on the back of your fuel card and always keep the PIN number and fuel card separate.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone.
  • Shred any correspondence in relation to your PIN number(s).
  • Take the fuel card back when employee leaves.
  • When you receive a new fuel card(s), sign it straight away.

What to do if a Fuel Card is lost?

If a fuel card is lost or stolen please immediately send us a message via our contact form or call us on 1850 222262. Otherwise you will remain liable for any transactions on lost or stolen cards for a period expiring at the end of the second working day on which notification is received.

Can I use my Fuel Card 24/7?

Yes, most of our Fuel Card locations are operated 24 hours a day. You can check our locations on this map.