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Health & Safety - Our All Time Top Priority

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Protecting our employees, contractors and customers from

‘Port to Pump’

Providing quality oil, safely, is a key priority for us and has become what our customers trust and value about Top Oil, this is reflected in Top Oil’s HSE Policy.

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Top Oil have Health & Safety management system in place, which is based on:

  • Hazard identification and risk assessments, to identify the areas where people may be exposed to harm when importing, storing and delivering fuel and assess the likelihood and consequences of the harm occurring.
  • The results of these assessments are both informative and actionable. We use them to identify the areas that require further resources to reduce the level of risk of harm, by putting engineering measures in place to protect people from harm and also to inform Top Oil’s policies, procedures and training requirements.

We maintain standard operating procedures to assist in providing an environment that protects the safety of all from delivery, to storage, transportation, and finally, to the point of delivery to our customers.

Providing ongoing learning environment for our teams

Our employees, especially our drivers and terminal teams are engaged in a continuous learning environment. The training they are provided with includes health and safety, ongoing certification and job-specific training to continually reinforce safe practices.

To maintain consistency in the service we provide, all our employees receive regular training to maintain and enhance their competence. This includes training on:

  • Health & safety,
  • Manual handling ,
  • Product safety,
  • Emergency response.

In addition, our drivers receive training on:

  • The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR licensed),
  • Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC) training,
  • “In Cab” driver training and training on Top Oil’s Drivers manual
  •  Emergency response.

The members of our terminal team are qualified in the areas which they work and have many years’ experience working within the highly regulated environment of Top Oil’s terminal.

Continuously updating our health and safety practices and procedures

We are continually working to improve our health and safety practices and procedures which are in place across all of our operations.

Communication and consultation are at the heart of our health, safety and environmental management practices. Through direct communication with their supervisors, managers, or talking directly to Top Oil’s HSE Manager. In addition, we have HSE committee meetings, to provide an additional channel for employees to bring any concerns to our attention. Safety advice and any new requirements are communicated via HSE text messages, HSE bulletins and training.

We have accident, incident and near miss reporting and investigation procedures in place, with meetings throughout the year to monitor the progress of any identified actions.

We inspect and audit our facilities and management systems to ensure a high standard of health and safety is maintained.

As an added measure, when necessary, we utilise a third-party auditor to ensure our locations meet our high safety standards.

Ensuring that we handle our product in the safest way

Safety Data Sheets

Fuel oil by its nature is a potentially hazardous product. We have significant experience in dealing with and mitigating potential health and safety risks, by ensuring we handle our product in a safe way. In addition, we work continuously on ways to support our customers and retailers in handling these products in a safely and responsibly manner.

The Safety Data Sheets provided are in accordance with the Regulations on Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) and provide information on the products we supply. In particular, product hazards, information on the safe handling, storage, transport disposal and emergency measures in case of an accident. Here is the information you will find in our SDSs:

Top Oil Safety Data Sheet

Source:Safety Data Sheet for Hazardous Chemicals – Information Sheet”, Health and Safety Authority, October 2015

Safety Data Sheets are a key document when completing any risk assessments relating to the use of chemical products within the workplace.

Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for the products we supply.

For further information and guidance on Safety Data Sheets please check out\

For further information and guidance on workplace health and safety please check out

Top Oil Supporting Project EDWARD – European Day Without A Road Death

Project EDWARD is on the 21st of September 2017.

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Top Oil Supporting Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

 21st -27th September 2017.

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