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Top Oil provides the best quality fuels on the market. We pride ourselves in our best of breed approach and ensure that only the finest end product is delivered to our customers.

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Commercial/Motor oil products

Motor Diesel (D.E.R.V) – Including Bio-diesel

Diesel (colloquially known as White Diesel or D.E.R.V which stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle) or Ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) is typically used as a fuel for transport and passenger vehicles. Its density is about 0.85 kg/l. When burned, diesel typically releases about 38.6 MJ/litre. Diesel is immiscible with water. Diesel is treated with an antifreeze agent but it is only ‘Wintergrade’ from September to March.

See Diesel Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Unleaded – Including Bio-ethanol

Unleaded Petrol is the most widely known product derived from oil. Also known as spirit or gasoline (USA), it is used for fuelling road vehicles. Petrol has a density range of about 0.71 kg/litre to 0.77 kg/litre. The energy content is 34.9 MJ/litre. Petrol floats on water; water cannot generally be used to extinguish a petrol fire, unless used in a fine mist. Petrol should be stable almost indefinitely if stored properly. Such storage should be in an airtight container, to prevent oxidation or water vapors mixing, and at a stable cool temperature, to reduce the chance of the container leaking.

See Petrol Safety Data Sheet (pdf)


Bioethanol is an alcohol which can be derived from renewable resources such as sugar cane, wheat, etc. It helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reduces dependency on fossil fuels. The Irish specification for petrol permits the blending of up to 5% (V/V) of Ethanol. Ethanol has a high affinity for water and so it is strongly recommended that all storage tanks are maintained free of water, at all times. This is a normal part of good housekeeping practices on any site. Once a site changes to gasoline containing Ethanol, it is advisable not to change back to standard gasoline.

See Bio Ethanol Safety Data Sheet (pdf)


Biodiesel is a non-fossil fuel made from natural, renewable resources such as vegetable oil or animal fats. The Irish specification for transport Diesel permits the blending of up to 7% (V/V) of Biodiesel know as fatty acid methyl ester (FAME). Biodiesel does not mix with water, however the presence of water in storage tanks can permit a microbial growth. Therefore it is strongly recommended that a similar regime of housekeeping to that suggested for Ethanol, be applied to all Diesel storage tanks.

See Bio Diesel Safety Data Sheet (pdf)


Dipetane is a Fuel Treatment suitable for use in for petrol or diesel vehicles. Working with our strategic partner Dipetane Ireland, we have developed a 275ml that you can buy over the counter at participating Top Oil locations. The One Shot bottle should be added to a full tank of fuel when filling up at the forecourt. The Dipetane blends with and becomes part of the petrol or diesel combustion process. Dipetane is not an additive or detergent, and does not leave any residues in your engine.

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Adblue is a colourless liquid designed to reduce emissions from commercial vehicles. AdBlue is contained in a separate tank to the fuel and is sprayed into the exhaust gases. Adblue is available in the majority of Top Oil Fuel Card locations.

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Agri oil products

Sulphur free gas oil (SFGO)

Sulphur free gas oil or SFGO is an eco-friendly gas oil. SFGO has a much lower sulphur level of only 10 parts per million. This fuel is used for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) such as tractors, excavators, quarrying equipment, etc. It is dyed green in the same way as marked gas oil.

Due to the low sulphur content this fuel is better for the environment and some modern tractors now specifically require this product. It is illegal to use SFGO to fuel on the road vehicles.

See SFGO Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

New government directive on the use of SFGO:

  • From 31st March 2011, the Minister signed the Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC S.I. No.155 of 2011 into legislation. What is the Directive? The Directive introduces a requirement in Ireland from the above date, all gas oil (commonly known as “green diesel”, “agricultural” or “tractor diesel”) marked for use in “non-road mobile machinery” (NRMM) i.e. “off-road equipment” and recreational craft must contain no more than 10 ppm (virtually “sulphur free”). NRMM include tractors and other agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, construction equipment, forklifts, portable generators, railway engines, and inland waterway vessels. It is the responsibility of the customer to order the appropriate grade of product for the equipment they intend to use in it.

Heating oil products

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