Tedcastles Aviation Fuels

The “into-plane” fuelling operations at Shannon Airport, Co Clare is managed by TAF (Tedcastles Aviation Fuels Limited). TAF manages the airport’s high-grade fuel and oil refuelling operations. The company also works closely with the Shannon Airport Authority to optimise efficiencies at the airport.


Utilising highly sophisticated technologies and operating equipment, along with a specialised fleet of fuel-dispensing vehicles, Tedcastles Aviation Fuels offers a world class service to carriers from every corner of the globe.

Inception & history

TAF have been based at Shannon Airport since its inception in 1980. TAF was formed when the management of Shannon Airport constructed a tank farm to import Polish and later Russian fuel. Shannon management were prepared to build the infrastructure, but wished to outsource the management and operation of the “into-plane” activity. TAF was set up to provide this service, and has had a very successful relationship with management at Shannon Airport ever since. TAF have been a key partner to the airport and have worked tirelessly to ensure that they operate to the highest standards as a successful and cost-efficient operation.

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